As BIM is gaining more and more prevalence in the AEC industry, its adoption and implementation is not only fundamentally transforming design practices, but is bound to be the determining factor in distinguishing which players in the AEC industries get to thrive and innovate from those that will struggle to survive.

In This context, and recognizing the immense potential benefits of adopting BIM methodologies for optimizing design processes, KS Ingenieure has for the past several years embarked on the process of gradually, but consistently introducing and adopting various tools and methodologies of BIM into its design practice.


We seek to incrementally, but systematically Integrate the BIM methodologies throughout our design practices increasing project delivery efficiency and accuracy and creating more efficient and integrated workflows. By gradually expanding the areas of BIM adoption, we have expanded our BIM capabilities, encompassing the entire range of engineering services that we offer.

KS Ingenieure is a strong partner on the field of BIM, offering a wide range of BIM Design and Consultancy services, taking part as a co-operator and co-creator or taking over the leader role as a manager.

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